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Before Your Montenegro Cruise

Your Montenegro cruise is fast approaching and our crew eagerly awaits your arrival. Here’s some handy info to enhance your holiday experience.


EU citizens need a valid passport to travel to Montenegro, no visas required. Ensure your passport validity extends at least three months beyond your departure date from Montenegro, especially for UK residents. Non-UK residents should consult their local Montenegrin embassy for passport validity requirements. Traveling without proper documentation can result in fines for the carrier, recoverable from the passenger. Non-EU citizens should contact the Montenegro Embassy for the latest passport, visa, and health requirements.

Best Time to visit Montenegro

Experience the sublime tranquility of Montenegro, an undiscovered gem yet to be overrun by tourists. Our Montenegro cruise promises an escape from the hustle and bustle, offering an intimate journey along the picturesque Montenegrin coast. We’ll explore hidden bays and charming coastal towns, immersing you in the pure, untouched beauty of this serene destination.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend all our esteemed clients to secure comprehensive travel insurance for their Montenegro cruise. This is especially essential if you’re planning to embark on a captivating gulet cruise adventure. Safeguard your peace of mind and make your holiday truly unforgettable!

Nearby Airports

Choose from three airports for your arrival in Tivat, the starting point of your Montenegro cruise. Tivat Airport, a mere 10 minutes from Porto Montenegro Marina, Dubrovnik Airport, and Podgorica airport, both approximately 2 hours away from the marina.

Check-in and Check-out

Your check-in begins Sunday at 6 pm, with check-out the following Sunday at 9 am. If you arrive early at the marina, feel free to leave your luggage on the gulet and explore the town center, located just across from us, while we prepare your gulet. Our gulets are docked at Porto Montenegro Marina, Dock E/F. 

Currency and Tipping

In Montenegro, the Euro is the standard currency. Conveniently, you can exchange pounds for Euros at any bank or withdraw cash from numerous ATMs. Most restaurants accept major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa. It’s customary to tip between 7-12% of the bill at restaurants and cafes. Aboard the gulet, Euros are also used. Tipping the crew, while discretionary, typically ranges from 5% to 10% of your booking value.

On Board

Please inform us of any dietary needs, such as vegetarian or gluten-free preferences. Enjoy our onboard bar and savor the flavors of Adriatic cuisine on our gulet. Complimentary use of paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkels is included. Stay connected with our onboard Wi-Fi, although major downloads like movies are not supported. Bring your favorite music to play on our iPod and CD compatible music facilities.
We offer a diverse library for your reading pleasure; feel free to bring and exchange books. A travel guide about Montenegro is provided on board, and our crew is always ready to guide you through your itinerary.

What to bring with you

Please pack personal medications and sunscreens as needed due to high sun exposure. Consider bringing mosquito repellents and bite creams as well.
As for luggage, pack lightly. The atmosphere is casual unless you decide otherwise. Daytime attire is typically shorts, short-sleeved tops, or swimwear. For evenings, you might prefer long-sleeved shirts and pants/skirts. Early and late in the season, a warm top is recommended, along with a light waterproof jacket for potential rain showers. We advise to use a soft luggage.

Come Sail Away With Us

We offer the finest gulet cruise holidays in Montenegro. Let us sail you away to the sparkling sandy beaches, secluded bays, charming towns and historic architecture of Montenegro, all while pampering you with sumptuous chef-prepared meals and five-star service.


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